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crystalfriedbrains replied to your post: “i dont know why but im really sad”: I really could only sum it up like this. :(

oh my god shippo



"MoShI mOsHi MoThErFuCkEr, HoW mAy I hElP yOu?"

I work at a call center and I got to dress up as Gamzee for halloween. Took full advantage of it

Alternate title: Why the motherfuck am I working here, I got no clue what the hell I’m all up and supposed to be doing. Why’s the motherfucking call device lighting up?

My dad got connected to a call center and the guy spoke with that sort of southern accent that a lot of juggaloes speak with and once he got our Internet working he said ‘that, my brother, is how miracles happen. Have a good day and Honkelou.’ And I told him that a murderous royal orphan clown just fixed our Internet.

kitkatpurrpurr replied to your post: “come to think of it I have like one gamzee Kanaya picture I could work…”:
I would correct the spelling on the name but you’re probably not in the mood for that. also I’m not a dick

i kno its cassie, autocorrect is a bitch

ya ttly!! come talk to me if you want to :0

kk im on ppc not but im going to make some food, ill be on soon

complaisantgascon-kankri replied to your post: “i dont know why but im really sad”:
This just won’t do.

o hey kan, i didnt know if youd be awake ill say hi to you too

come to think of it I have like one gamzee Kanaya picture I could work on but I’m not pissed enough for that. and like three Equius Kanaya things but it’s too much coloring rn

*hugs* im on mobile atm but if I got on skype would you feel like chatting or something

i dont know why but im really sad


summer on the island is probably not so greAt




free him

free him

free him

free him

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I totally love red KarKan but the thing is when I try to write it just turns out to be pale. pail pale. I’m awful, sorry.

grr writing chapter three of rypophogy is not going smoothly. I guess- I guess well see what happens??? idk how I even want this to work out.

I think I might write chp 3 as third person, or Karkats pov. I really wanna practice writing him.


she like good enough to eat



me and my friends at a children’s museum

is that a miley cyrus titan

okay but


:33 < D —>

:33< D—>

:3< D->

:< D>

< >



Karkat Vantas: genetics lottery winner six sweeps running.


Actually, I prefer johnvriska.